Community Playhouse

Locatie: Chicago
Oppervlakte: 200 square feet

The concept of the project is to provide a multifunctional public space that acts as an attractor mechanism for the citizens of Chicago by pushing and pulling a basic square into a parallelogram. The parallelogram then gives us the opportunity to add and integrate a panorama deck, a community theatre and a covered terrace to the kiosk, while maintaining the 200ft² footprint. By giving the kiosk an angle and direction we create several functions that are at the core of the concept:

1 Panorama Deck
The panorama deck serves as a raised platform to give dffierent views and perspective of the city, Millenium Park, the Lakefront and Lake Michigan, thus drawing together various components that help define Chicago.

2 Community Theatre
The community theatre serves different purposes. During the summer it attracts visitors to approach the kiosk, sit down and relax. In winter it can serve as a place to pause on a waterfront walk, or an object of play for children.

3 Covered terrace
The covered terrace gives shelter to passersby when needed, protecting visitors from the sun, snow or rain in different seasons.

4 Kiosk
The object is above all a kiosk that fullfills the requirements of the brief by providing an attractive, enclosed space from which to sell assorted goods.

5 Iconic object
The object is iconic because its dynamic shape, combined with natural materials creates a structure that becomes a recognizable, welcoming and democratic space for the city of Chicago. By CNC-ing the names and drawings of Chicago's various communities into the wood cladding, the object becomes—directly—the property to these diverse groups.

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