Sky Eye

Locatie: Londen
Oppervlakte: 60 m2
Opdrachtgever: Architriumph
Programma: Publieke ruimte

ACT 1 Film of the sky
Upon approach, the exterior is disorienting, changing our relationship to the sky to one of human scale. Bringing the sky to earth gives us some strange power over it, drawing us towards this unnatural object. Clouds suddenly fly between trees in a weird juxtaposition as the polished steel reflects the sky in minute detail.

ACT 2 Discovery through darkness
Entering the Sky Eye is a study in contrasts. The cold steel walls press in on you, turning day to night as you move between the walls. Suddenly light reappears, bringing with it a renewed awareness of its ability to spark joy.

ACT 3 Focus through framing
The journey through darkness heightens the experience of light and space as you leave the confinement of the walls and enter the heart of the pavilion. For visitors, the Sky Eye acts as a space for reflection. The enclosure focuses the user’s sight and mind on the ever-changing vastness of the sky. The experience is almost religious; referencing the most primal elements of light and dark, space and built form.

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